Amanda // { JLW Photography } Regina, Saskatchewan & Area Maternity Photographer

I photographed Amanda and George’s wedding a few years ago. They were a wonderful couple to get to know and photograph for this huge moment in their lives. So needless to say, I was super excited when they contacted me to photograph their maternity session! Their family is growing and these are the moments that are so important to document. I’m so grateful I have been able to follow them throughout these moments. Amanda is a beautiful woman and she looked so stunning being pregnant. I know this baby is going to be so loved by all of them.











Ben // { JLW Photography } Regina, Saskatchewan & Area Documentary Photographer

Ben Winowski is an crazy talented musician in Regina, SK. If you pay attention to the music scene, you may have heard him play at various venues throughout the city. Plus he teaches guitar at Long and McQuade. Music has been part of Ben’s life for a long time. He had grown up in New Brunswick. When he was a teenager, Ben was hanging out with some skateboarders and someone in that group started playing the guitar one day. From that time, he decided to learn how to play. A bit afterwards, his family ended up moving to Regina. He didn’t know anyone, so he just focused playing the guitar.
One thing I noticed while photographing him is that he often plays with his eyes closed. Ben explained that he feels the music this way. This was apprent while I was in room, it was easy to sense that he was in his zone. It was a beautiful to watch. The session started with Ben but ended with a jam session. The session has taken place at his friend, Renee’s home who is also another talented musician. They just started jamming and invited Renee’s son to be part of it. I could have sat there and listened to them all day. Music makes me so happy! So if you notice that Ben Winoski is playing somewhere in Regina, go see him play! Here is the session.

















Miriam // { JLW Photography } Regina, Saskatchewan & Area Documentary Photographer

Everyone has a story to tell or at least experiences that can then turn into a story. I met Miriam at Orange Tree Village where she resides. She was open and willing to share some of her stories with me. Miriam was born and raised in Saskatchewan on a farm near Assiniboia with her parents and siblings. She remembered fond memories of her time there, specifically the connection with her father. However, when she was 7 years old, her father passed away leaving her completely devastated. Prior to his passing, he had given her a one dollar Dominican bill. Little did she know that that one dollar bill would mean so much more. After his passing, she would carry the dollar bill to the hay stacks in the field and cry over her loss. Miriam has kept that dollar bill with her since that day and now keeps it safe in a frame. As time passed, she worked for the military in the United States during the war. Once the war was over, she relocated to France to work with different churches. She ended up living there for 34 years. Through her work and own interest, Miriam also traveled to many other countries. The photo albums of those memories were displayed in her living area. She opened a few albums and shared the things she had seen, learned, or received from those many trips. There are so many stories that she told me that day. At the end of our conversation, I asked her what the most important lesson she learned in her 96 years of life. She stated that prior to her fathers death, he shared with her that the only way to be happy was to allow Jesus in her life. So in between the haystacks after his passing, she made the decision to allow Jesus into her heart. When she made that decision, she expressed a sense of peace and happiness.