I Love Working with Other Businesses! // { JLW Photography } Regina, Saskatchewan & Area Photographer

I can’t say enough about the crazy talent that is right here in Saskatchewan! I also love that I get to work with these amazing individuals for special projects. I have bragged about the uber talented Christy from House Envy Interiors many times and today is no exception. If you haven’t checked out her design work or projects, now is the time! Seriously, you won’t be disappointed. Anywho, I am sharing a few pictures I took for her latest styling project.





Love Warms You // { JLW Photography } Regina, Saskatchewan & Area Photographer

Yesterday the weather was blah! We had originally planned this shoot with the idea that the snow would be almost melted and we would be shooting in the muck. However, mother nature decided to throw in some crazy cold wind and snow. Regardless of the weather, the shoot went amazing! I loved every part of it and we also found a really cool area to shoot while searching for shelter from the wind. After the outdoor part, we headed indoors to Jayme and Colby’s new home they are building. It was gorgeous! I included one shot from their home. I can’t wait to return there on August 15, 2015 for their back yard (which is gigantic btw) wedding. Here are a few from ya!








Maura - Absolutely beautiful! I love winter photo sessions and you did an amazing job!

Laureen - As someone who has my AC going right now, I am so jealous of your snow.
These images are so beautiful and well thought out. I really like your use of composition, especially in the branches one at the beginning and the one reflected in the glass of the window.
Very creative. :)

Pam - what a gorgeous location and couple. I’m jealous of the snow. Here in northern California we don’t get much of anything. I love the ring shot as well. Great job!

Mallory - Gorgeous! Love this session so much!

China - LOVE! beautiful images!

Ashley Durham - Love these! The location is fabulous!

Heather Cox - Love the through the window shot. I have been dying to shoot through a window lately. Great series of images…Love it.

Kelly - Love love love! Snow sessions are so much fun, and these two are so cute together!

Tiffany Bradley - Love these! Especially the window shot!

yvonne sanders - Love Love Love! These so so creative! Window shot is to die for :)

Monica Reynolds - beautiful couple!! and love the location!

Love is in the Air // { JLW Photography} Regina, Saskatchewan & Area Photographer

Yesterday I had one of those sessions that was incredible! An amazing couple whose affection for each other is ridulously sweet, fantastic location, and lots of fun. This pretty much sums it up….AWESOMENESS. I am so excited for their romantic, outdoor summer wedding. It makes me giddy!
{ JLW Photography } Regina, SK & Area Photographer
{ JLW Photography } Regina, SK & Area Photographer
{ JLW Photography } Regina, SK & Area Photographer
{ JLW Photography } Regina, SK & Area Photographer


Maura Chick - LOVE these photos! Such great emotion!

Megan - That first chandelier shot. WOW. stunning. Lovely session. Congrats to them!

Nicole Gulick - Wow gorgeous images! Love the mood you captured in them

Laureen - What a beautiful bride.
She is so lucky to have you to capture such beautiful images.

Shannon - Such a beautiful and creatively shot session! So well done!

kim - okay she’s GORGEOUS and look at how much he loves her!! they look like an amazing couple!! and your colors here are so soft — really beautiful! can’t wait to see their wedding images!

Dawn - What a stunning couple! I love the image of her alone in front of that painting. And the ones outside! Great job!

Stephanie Bannon - Holy Moly that is a gorgeous location AND couple! Great job!

JennyBZ - what a lovely session!!!! that last black and white and the one immediately after that are my absolute faves but the whole session is super sweet!

ali - beautiful couple and awesome location!!!


Laura - What a lovely couple!! My favorites are the outdoor ones at the end and on the bench in front of the painting. Giggles and snuggles are the best!!

christine d - This location is awesome! Beautiful couple…can’t wait to see the wedding images!

Laura - These are drop dead gorgeous!

yvonne sanders - Abolutely GORG!!!!

Mallory - Oh my, this is gorgeous!!!!

Kelly - They’re adorable! Great location <3

Monica Reynolds - what a cute couple! Love these images!

stephanie - LOVE these pictures she’s a beauty! and the framing and posing is so creative! great job!

Destinee - I love this session! Gorgeous images, awesome job capturing different emotions! Love the creativity!

Stephanie - These are amazing!! I love the one shot through the banister with them framed in the doorway – *jaw dropped*

Amanda Solonynko - You’re absolutely amazing Jamie ! We cannot wait to get them back :) . Thank you.

Marisa - Wow! These are fantastic! Such great images!

admin - You are so welcome Amanda! I loved doing this session with you guys and can’t wait until your wedding!

Caitlin - Very creative shots! Nice work!!

melissa koren - what a sweet couple! i love the shoots of them up on the balcony with the chandelier!

Cris Passos - Gorgeous images!!!!

Becky - Gorgeous and what an adorable couple! Her ring is beautiful!!

Christina Corneau - love that indoor location!! super job!

Ashley Durham - These are so gorgeous, what a great location!

Melissa Yocum - OH MY GOODNESS!!! LOVE this session….I kept thinking, ooh! This is my fav…and then I’d look at the next photo and that was a favorite too! ha! :) Beautiful!!

Brittany - Ooo, these are gorgeous! I love your editing style!

Nicki - That very first image is stunning!!! This is a fantastic engagement session. Awesome job!

What?! JLW Photography has been FEATURED in a magazine!

Yep that is true!! I actually had the privilege to be featured twice by Lemonade and Lenses ( http://www.lemonadeandlenses.com ). Lemonade and Lenses is a photography magazine that is recognized globally. Two of my photographs were chosen as honourable mentions in two separate cover contests. Being chosen was such an honour and I am so thankful for being acknowledged. Below are the two photographs that were chosen.




jlw photography

JLW Photography : Regina & Area Photographer

JLW Photography : Regina & Area Photographer


Janelle Awe - I’m not surprised! You do amazing work!

admin - Thank you Janelle! You are pretty amazing at what you do, so that means a lot coming from yourself!

A Wedding Expo

This past weekend, JLW Photography had a booth at A Wedding Expo. I met so many wonderful brides and grooms. I look forward to working with you and I am super excited that some of you have contacted me already about your upcoming weddings.
A lot of work goes into planning and making a booth look the way you imagine in your head. I have worked with a few businesses in order to make my booth come to life.
Wascana Flower Shoppe you rock! Tanya, I send you my ideas and you just roll with it and come up with something just gorgeous!! Thank you so much! Also Creative Touch Wedding Designs has a huge selection of back drops, table linens that fit any style or decor. You guys are great to work with so thank you!
I didn’t work with this company for my booth, but their cakes are over the top amazing. Something Sweet by Fadiha has truly one of a kind cakes and sweets.

All these businesses are simply fabulous and I totally recommend them for your wedding. I took some pictures of their products and am including them in here. Once you see, you will agree. Thank you everyone!!!