I remember as a young girl coming across stacks of photo albums in my parents closet and being fascinated by them. I would sit and go through these photos completely absorbed by the stories they told. Most times the people in the photos were strangers to me, having died long before I was born, but I also knew that they were part of my history. I felt thrilled and captivated to be sharing in their biggest moments that had been preserved on the pages in front of me. My grandfather standing in his huge garden, my grandmother posing in the street while her beautiful dress swayed in the wind, and the many other photos of people dancing, singing, and laughing.

I treasured even more the photographs of my mother, father, brother and myself. To see my parents smiles on their wedding day, when they held me for the first time, or the Christmases when my brother and I could barely contain our excitement to see what Santa had brought us. I felt transported back in time, the emotions would become almost palpable to me.

In my own house, I have created a space just like the one my parents had. I have stacks of albums, each containing memories and stories that I have been lucky enough to capture.  I love how the pictures have also captured the evolution of my craft. From my first camera that cost a mere $20 and the shaky and blurred photos it would snap, to my newest photographs which look so perfect I almost hold my breath when I look at them. I love to sit with my husband and show these pictures to our children, even though they are quite young, it is important to us that they see our history. And so that one day, they can look through my stack of albums and remember the wonderful times they had with their family.

After years of taking pictures just for me, I have made a bold step and have begun to share my craft with the world. There is something exhilarating to me about capturing that certain look that lasts only for the briefest moment and how it can make the whole world pause for just a second. I want to take your picture so I can capture that moment for you. I want you to look at the photos and actually feel the happiness, the passion or even the apprehension you felt in that moment. These moments express who we are and are a tangible way to carry our memories with us.

I love how each photo shoot I do is so unique and the high I get when I know that I have captured a meaningful moment. There is not one specific type of photo I love, but rather, I love when something in a photo stands out. Something that catches your attention and holds your gaze because when you look at it, it makes you feel a surge of emotion. To see your young child pause curiously and touch a flower in a prairie field, to capture the laughter between you and your spouse when you think the camera isn’t on or to immortalize the way your grandparents look at each other with love and respect after all these years. I want to be able to capture and preserve your memories in this way.

Photo courtesy of my good friend Candace at Pink Portrait Photography.