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Another baby shoot for me! Yaaaaayyyy! This time I photographed 2 1/2 week old Kobe and got to cuddle with him for a little bit. I could have held him all day. Last fall, I photographed Kobe’s parents and older brother, Kiefer, and now they have a new addition to their family. I love that I […]

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Today I was able to hold a brand new baby. It continues to amaze me how small newborns are, I could have held her all day long. Elizabetta was so adorable and just perfect. I could tell how much she was loved by her parents and as a photographer it is such an awesome experience […]

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Easton – baby

Today I met baby Easton who was 11 days old. I love photographing babies and even though I have had two children myself, it’s hard to believe how small they are at that age. I just love it! Easton is one lucky boy to have such loving and wonderful parents. Thanks for a great day […]

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Zephyr was my most recent baby photo shoot. He was a month old and so adorable. Zephyr was quite sleepy throughout the shoot and was just plain easy going. I had a such a great time with this family. Good luck with your new baby!

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