Planning Your Shoot

Your life is your story….

I believe people live their life as though they are crafting a beautiful tale, a tale to share with their friends and family across time.

I want to help you tell your story through photography.  I want to capture moments that reveal your true personality and show deep emotion. I want to give you pictures that are not just beautiful, but photographs that make you feel emotion when you look at them.  Emotions like pride, love, tenderness and vulnerability.  Photos can give you a way to step back into a moment in time and remember exactly what it felt like to hold your newborn baby, walk hand in hand with your true love or watch your children play as though they didn’t have a care in the world.

When you work with me, you will find I want to know all the special things that make you unique. We will also discuss location, themes, style, and clothing as part of the planning.

Your session is always personalized in order for it to be perfect for you.