The Art of Pie Making { JLW Photography } Regina, Saskatchewan & Area Photographer

When I was a little girl, I would sit in my grandma’s kitchen watching her make bread. She would tell me that the the way the dough felt in her hands determined when it was ready. While she was kneading the dough, the smell of yeast and flour, and finally bread cooking, would fill the room. You would wait until that moment when the timer on the oven went off. Grandma would pull the bread from the oven and wait for it to cool off before she would slice it. She would lather the butter and smear it across the warm bread and as that happened, the butter would drip down onto the plate. I would then proceed to gobble it up and go for seconds. These are my memories.

Chef Malcolm recalls fond memories in London of his grandmother and mother baking in the kitchen. His memories are of them making meat pies, which is something commonly found within their culture. He worked many years as an Executive Chef for numerous restaurants in London and Canada. However, something about those memories of his grandmother and mother found himself wanting to open a business to share that sense of home cooking, culture and art of pies. Chef Malcolm creates his pies by the touch, the taste, and the smell. It is truly an art. The way the flour is spread, the texture of the dough, the type of ingredients, and the way to pinch the dough is done in such a creative manner. It was intriguing to watch and photograph. Thank you for letting me spend time with you and document you in your element.













Brian Woytiuk - Interesting shoot. Glad you chose black and white as it gives it a different feel…

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